About lbl

Little Business Library is a directory of small businesses. Business owners purchase a Listing in the Library where their website and social media pages are linked. Consumers can browse through the Library and go directly to a business’s website or social media with the click of a button! There are a handful websites where small businesses can sell their products, but what about the small businesses who have their own websites?

Business owners put so much work and love into designing gorgeous websites but it can be hard to find small businesses online. In the Little Business Library, finding small businesses to shop from is a breeze!

Show off your work

Business owners work very hard and put so much love into creating gorgeous websites. That is exactly why we designed the Library to allow customers to find them! We make shopping small a breeze.

Cut out lengthy contracts

Nobody likes hidden fees or lengthy contracts. That’s why we take a transparent approach to contracts! 

Keep your profits

Unlike other listing websites, the Little Business Library does NOT take a portion of your profits. Because the sales happen on your website, the Little Business Library is not involved in the checkout process at all. You work hard for your profits, so we believe you should keep them!

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