mpwr21.myshopify.com Owner: Michaela Holvoet MPWR2021@gmail.com Davenport, IA, United States Shipping: Yes Facebook: MPWR21 Instagram: @mpwr21

Tella Couture

Tellacouture.com Owner: Taylor Taylor@tellacouture.com Toronto, Canada Shipping: Yes; Worldwide Instagram: @tellacouture

Jack Attackk Clothing

jackattackkclothing.shop Owner: Jaclyn Doyle jackattackkclothing@gmail.com Nashua, NH, United States Shipping: Yes; United States Facebook: jack.attackk.clothing Instagram: @jack_attackk_clothing TikTok: @jack_attackk_clothing

Beaus and Belles Boutique

bbboutiquesc.com Owner: Alexis Graves + Lauri Dunn bbboutique20@gmail.com Hartsville, SC, United States Shipping: Yes; United States (for now) Facebook: bbboutiquesc Instagram: @beausandbellesboutiquesc

The Bead Muse

thebeadmusetx.com Owner: Califia Hurtado TheBeadMuseTx@gmail.com Houston, TX, United States Shipping: Yes; United States, United Kingdom, Canada Facebook: TheBeadMuseTx Instagram: @thebeadmusetx

Not Your French Knot

Owner: Noemie Tajszeydler Ptirobo@hotmail.com Paris, France Shipping: Yes; Worldwide Instagram: @notyourfrenchknot TikTok: @notyourfrenchknot

EarthApple Creations

earthapplecreations.com Owner: Stinne Rasmussen stinne@earthapplecreations.com Zuidwolde, Drenthe, Netherlands Shipping: Yes; Worldwide Facebook: EarthAppleCreations Instagram: @earthapplecreations


So-Jelly.com Owner: Angelica Dials Sojelly0@gmail.com Tampa, FL, United States Shipping: Yes; United States and Canada Facebook: @sojelly777/ Instagram: @sojelly777?r=nametag TikTok: @so_jelly